Kali – Always Comfortable no Matter What


This is Kali. Kali is one of two cats we have who doesn’t really care about the positions she gets into, or what expressions she puts on her face. We’ve had her since she was a three-week old kitten, and so she learned a lot of things from us that she ordinarily would have learned from her mother. That’s led to her retaining a lot of her kittenish behavior, as well as total and utter comfort with lounging and sleeping in any position at all. Here are some oddities that many cat parents have seen, but are still uniquely Kali:


Holy sheez! What happened to you?

This is her “pounce face.” She does look like something absolutely shocked her, but when I took this pic, I was actually playing “finger under the blanket” with her, and she was about to attack again. She is, however, perfectly happy with holding her mouth open for long minutes before she actually attacks.


If you take a close look at this picture, you’ll notice that Kali is almost entirely on her back with her tail sweeping up between her back legs. She was just kind of staring at me, with absolutely zero inclination to move from this position. If I hadn’t had to get up, she might have fallen asleep this way.


Her penchant for odd places and uncomfortable positions started when she was still a tiny kitten. In this picture, she was probably eight weeks old. She’s in the gap between the couch cushion and the arm of the couch, and while she did get there by pouncing on her toy, she just kind of stayed there, and even dozed off for a couple of minutes.


This is a popular position for Kali. She’s half on her back, half on her side, and sort of twisted up. She sleeps in this position for hours. She’s quite comfortable and at ease here, though, because otherwise she wouldn’t sleep this way. She’d sleep curled up, or in a less conspicuous place.


Here’s another shot of that position. I call her a Kaliroll when she does this. Look at her tail and her fur; when she gets into this position, her fur is swept across her like she’s a roll, and she curls her tail into as much of a coil as is possible. She seriously looks like she’s rolled up when she does this. Hence the nickname, “Kaliroll.”


She sometimes sleeps like a semi-normal cat, though. When she’s sound asleep, with her eyes all shut tight, she’s absolutely adorable.


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