Good Names for Black Cats

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In many cultures, such as U.S. culture, black cats are considered an omen of bad luck, if not just bad luck themselves. In other cultures, like the U.K., for instance, black cats are considered good luck. Regardless of whether you feel that they are good luck, bad luck, or neither, black cats are still very lovable and don’t, in reality, portend anything more than cats of any other color. Despite, that, or possibly, because of that, there are names for black cats that don’t work as well for other cats.


Coming up with names for black cats can be somewhat of a challenge though, especially if you want a unique or creative name. has made up a list of names for black cats that range from normal and expected to unusual, and even to silly (some of the names below do not appear on this list).

Simple, common names for black cats

For those that like having simple, common names for their cats, names like Ash, Charcoal, Midnight, Smokey, Spooky and Jynx may work for you. These names all speak to both the cat’s color and the superstitions surrounding black cats in U.S. culture, and are still simple enough to keep you from getting strange looks and questions from friends and family.

Dusky, Ebony, Blackie and Blackberry are also simple names, but a little more neutral with regards to superstition and still fit black cats very well. Cinder is another option if you feel these are a little too “generic.”

Names for black cats that are female

If you have a female black cat, a name like Cleopatra or Circe might be a good fit for her. Cleopatra is well known as the last pharaoh of Egypt and her alliances with European powers, particularly Rome. Circe was a minor goddess of magic in Greek mythology and also known for her beauty. She appears in Homer’s “Odyssey.” You might also consider Bast or Bastet, as she was the Egyptian goddess of protection and pleasure and personified by a black cat.

To demonstrate the sweetness of your black-furred friend, you might consider using Licorice, as black licorice candy is both dark and sweet, and may have some health benefits, as well as being a popular candy for giving away during Trick-or-Treat.


Halloween-like names for black cats

Tricks, Hocus Pocus and Genie are appropriate, and even Halloween-y, if you want to allude to black cats being agents of magic. U.S. superstitions center around black cats being witches that had transformed themselves, and thus, black cats are associated with black magic.

There are many other appropriate names for black cats, many are on Cattime’s list and many that likely aren’t. Regardless, black cats are gorgeous and loving creatures despite the superstitious associations many people have. If you have a good name for a black cat that isn’t listed, feel free to share it in the comments!

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