Soup for Cats is Now a Thing

We have dry cat food. We have every variety of canned cat food imaginable. We have raw cat food, and now, it seems, we have soup for cats. Yes, Purina has come out with a gourmet soup for cats, which they say is a response to a “key consumer demand,” and “provides a brand-new feeding occasion” for cat parents and their cats. It’s called GOURMET Soup.

Chase Looking Over Dish Soup for Cats

Why on earth would they put out soup for cats, anyway?

Basically, GOURMET Soup for cats plays on cats’ love of all things gravy. Other brands of cat food, like Fancy Feast, have already worked to address the fact that cats do, indeed, love gravy, and have made some of their canned foods to meet this love. Purina decided to do it with soup in single-serving packs.

Or, put another way, Purina has decided that too many of us feel we’re not spoiling our cats enough and wants to help us get better about that. Their soup doesn’t just promise a new feeding experience for our cats; it also promises to “satisfy the most discerning cats.” However, Purina is not quite the first to do this, as other brands have put out soup for cats in varying ways as well.

At least cats don’t need spoons to eat this.

My cats may like it, but they may not

My cats are fed a raw diet, and these soups come with some vegetables in them. As raw feeders, my cats actually don’t tolerate carbs too well anymore. Cats’ digestive systems aren’t designed to process vegetable matter at all – they lack the enzymes necessary to absorb and synthesize nutrients from vegetables.

That doesn’t mean this can’t make a tasty treat for them. However, we have to be careful with two of our cats. They have some problems with commercial treats now, especially on an empty stomach. With the vegetables, it may not be a good idea for me to give this soup to my own cats.

Purina makes it clear that this is supposed to be an appetizer, and not a full meal. Their flavors include chicken with vegetables, tuna with anchovies, tuna loins with whole shrimp, and fine chicken. Purina’s GOURMET Soup for cats is available in most supermarkets today.

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